Erasing barriers between incompatible stereo playing devices, Phereo Video Player gives you turn-key solution for displaying stereo video on your website.

Phereo Video Player allows you to show your stereo video in one place for all kind of stereo devices.


  • Easy installation
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision, 3DTV and other popular stereo modes are supported
  • Skinable UI
  • Full-screen and windowed viewing modes
  • Dedicated PC software for content preparation


Phereo 3D Video Player uses JavaScript technology to support as many 3D viewing modes as possible. Check out the Getting Started and Features List sections below to learn more.

Getting started

Phereo 3D Video Player is provided as a pack of scripts which combine to form a high-quality product for 3D video playback on your website.

You can use Phereo 3D Video Player on your website in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Register on this website and pay the download fee to get access to the customer zone where you can find the latest version Phereo 3D Video Player.
  • Step 2. Prepare your 3D content according to our content preparation guide.
  • Step 3. Integrate Phereo 3D Video Player scripts onto your website using our detailed installation instructions and link it with your content files.

Enjoy 3D Video playback on your website!

Supported 3D technologies and browsers

Suported Browsers

  • .webm
    • Mozilla Firefox 4+
    • Opera 10.60+
    • Google Chrome 6+
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ (requires WebM MF)
  • .mp4
    • Safari 3.1+
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+

Suported technologies

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision
  • Anaglyph
  • Side-by-Side (Parallel)

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